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The RAD is committed to producing the best teachers in the world. Our CPD scheme will enable us to evidence that our teachers are at the forefront of dance education and training, and that they have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. CPD also gives teachers the chance to take an active role in their career development and to pursue any personal interests they have.

Information on the Royal Academy of Dance Continuing Professional Development scheme is available in 'Your Guide to Continuing Professional Development'. Click here to download a copy.

How does the RAD Scheme work?

Teachers registered with the RAD will need to complete their CPD requirement each year in order to retain their Registered Teacher status. The CPD requirement must be completed within the CPD year, and teachers should be able to evidence that it is relevant to their dance teaching career.

The CPD year runs between 1 July and 30 June each year and teachers can meet their CPD requirement by participating in Time-Valued CPD or Credit-Rated CPD. You can complete your CPD requirement by participating in both RAD activities, and external CPD activities.


Time-Valued CPD

What is the Time-Valued CPD requirement?

The minimum Time-Valued CPD requirement is 24 hours each year. One third, or 8 hours, of your CPD requirement can be completed through Independent CPD.

What is Time-Valued CPD?

Time-Valued CPD activities are workshops or courses that are delivered by a tutor, either in person or online. These have learning aims and objectives, demonstrable learning outcomes, and are able to be evidenced easily (for example, through a certificate of attendance). 

What is Independent CPD?

Independent CPD activities are those in a less formal setting than a course but still inform your professional development. Independent CPD may be more difficult to evidence and as such, we do understand that it may not be possible to provide evidence for each of these activities. One way of recording Independent CPD may be through keeping a reflexive diary.

You can claim two hours of Independent CPD per type of activity. These activities could include reading dance or education literature, observing classes, choreographing and producing shows, attending performances, independent research.

We do not provide a list of Independent CPD activities, as Independent CPD takes a different form for each person. If an activity goes beyond your normal work and informs your dance teaching practice, but is not delivered in a formal setting with a tutor or a lesson plan, you may be able to claim this as Independent CPD. If you have any queries about Independent CPD, please contact the CPD department, who will be able to help.


Credit-Rated CPD

What is Credit-Rated CPD?

Credit-Rated CPD activities are those that carry education credits, are delivered by a publicly recognised education provider. They may take the form of a degree, such as the BA (Hons) in Dance Education, or a teaching training programme, such as the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS).

You can complete Credit-Rated CPD activities with the RAD, or with another publicly recognised institute.

What are the RAD Credit-Rated CPD criteria?

Activities must meet the following criteria. They must:

  • bear educational credits

  • be delivered by a publicly recognised institute

  • include a minimum of 24 study hours per year

  • be able to evidenced as relevant to the teacher's dance career

What is the Credit-Rated CPD requirement?

If you are participating in a Credit-Rated programme that meets the Credit-Rated CPD criteria, then that programme counts as your CPD requirement for the year. If you are participating in a Credit-Rated programme, you do not need to participate in Time-Valued CPD as well.


Internal and External CPD

What is Internal and External CPD?

Activities run by the RAD CPD department are called Internal CPD. If you do not wish to attend RAD activities, you can complete your CPD requirement by participating in External CPD activities. These are CPD activities that are organised by another organisation.

What counts as External CPD?

It is up to the teacher to decide whether an activity meets our External CPD criteria. These criteria are as follows:

The activity must have:

  • clearly stated aims and objectives

  • demonstrable learning outcomes

  • be relevant to your dance teaching career

  • be able to be evidenced


Recording your CPD

Throughout the CPD year, teachers should keep a record of all the CPD activities they take part in. This can be done through our ePortfolio or by keeping a folder of all relevant documents and certificates. Teachers may be asked to provide this evidence, if they are selected as part of the annual audit.

Keeping records of the CPD you have undertaken is important, particularly as you may need to provide this as evidence for the CPD audit. To help, we have created an ePortfolio to create and maintain records of your activities.

The ePortfolio allows you to collect electronic files such as word documents, certificates, confirmation letters and images. These are stored in a secure online location where only you can access it.

As well as avoiding the need for paper records, it also allows you to take charge of your learning and career goals so that you can more easily monitor and plan your personal development.

The ePortfolio is entirely optional and is a free service for teachers registered with the RAD. To register, visit


Declaring your CPD

At the end of CPD year, teachers will need to complete and return a CPD declaration form. 

The deadline for submitting your declaration form is 30 June. The form will ask you to confirm that you have completed your CPD requirement. You will not, however, be required to submit any evidence of your participation in activities.



Information on CPD Exemptions is available in Your Guide to Continuing Professional Development.  A guide to the exemptions and an exemption form are available to download below. The deadline for submitting an exemption application is 1 June.


Rules and regulations

Our CPD Rules and Regulations document provides you with an overview of the policies that govern the scheme.

From July 2013, the Code of Professional Practice for Teachers registered with the RAD states that in order to retain their status, RAD Registered Teachers and teachers recognised by mutual agreement must take part in the RAD CPD Scheme in order to maintain up to date knowledge, understanding and skills to respond to developments in the dance profession.


For more information please contact the CPD department on


Documents for download
CPD User Guide
Frequently Asked Questions





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