Awards & Bursaries

by RAD National Branch and our Regional Panels



It will consist of a non-syllabus class at Advanced 1 level and will be followed by the performance of Dancer's Own (candidates perform their own variation or one designed by their teacher or a peer) and a Classical Repertoire variation (select one variation from list provided by the RAD).

Entry Requirements:

Applicants must fulfill the following by the closing date:

  • Be current members of the RAD

  • Be of non-professional status

  • Have passed RAD Intermediate and Advanced 1 examinations (Advanced 1 with Distinction). The required result must have been awarded by 10 February 2019.

  • Be under 17 years of age on 10 February 2019

  • Have not taken the Academy's Advanced 2 examination

The bursary is awarded annually and has a value of R5,000 to be used to further the winner's training. Payment can be offset against existing tuition fees or against material and equipment.
Entry Forms as well as requirements and further information is available on request from the Academy.


RAD Awards Ceremony 2018
On 18 July, 700 RAD staff, students and guests gathered at the Sherfield Building at Imperial College, London for the RAD's annual Awards Ceremony.

Over 150 graduates descended on the capital from all over the world to receive their awards, see the conferment of an Honorary Doctorate of the Arts by the University of Bath on Dame Beryl Grey, and hear guest speaker Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath. The President's Award was given to Lisa Clark and Kim Harvey, and Joyce Myroff received a Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Dance.

Dame Glynis, one of Europe's leading social psychologists, made reference to the artist Degas, famous for his paintings of dancers, and to the graduates using 'knowledge and skill to transform the lives of others.'

She told the successful graduates that 'Degas, a great artist, said "painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." I would like to think he recognised that his quote applied equally to dance, and, moreover, how difficult it must be to teach. In training as dance teachers you will have learned a great deal. You will have discovered more about dance and education, but also about yourselves.'

For many graduates, Awards Day signals their return home to take up teaching positions of their own, transferring a multitude of skills to their new roles. Nicole Yeo will return to Singapore having completed the BA (Hons) Ballet Education and Licentiate of the RAD programmes. 'It's been so worth it,' she said. 'I want to go home and teach the RAD syllabus, and the programme has helped me get there.' From Birmingham, Tanisha Knight is thinking big in her post-PGCE musings: 'Long-term I'd like to set up my own business in the performing arts, perhaps in Birmingham and London. I already have my own company, so it would be expanding that and using the skills gained from the RAD to work for myself.'
Richard Lessey will be taking a slightly different route following his Master of Arts in Education (Dance Teaching). 'At present I am performing in The Book of Mormon, so I'm in that until next March and then back to my teaching post. I'm head of the dance department at a university college, so after this spell of performing it will be back to teaching.'

He admits that his proudest moment, however, is 'actually having achieved the Masters ?it's something to be proud of, getting myself back into the community of dance, and reconnecting with the RAD after so long. And more so today [at Awards Day] you feel that sense of family. For me that is very important. [I'm looking forward to] seeing how far this academic journey can take me ?it has really opened my mind to the possibilities in the genre. When I first started dancing we didn't have that. To experience the other side of what I really enjoy and have a passion for is brilliant.'

Across each of the RAD teacher training programmes, almost 1,000 students benefit from the RAD's understanding and practice of the art of dance in all its forms. For those graduating, as Chief Executive Luke Rittner so aptly puts it, 'The future is well and truly in your hands and we salute you, inspiring, empowering, invigorating, educating and civilising us all.'

Continuing, he shines a light for each new teacher now embarking on their individual journey. 'We believe that our teachers must be the best: that was the aim of the Academy's founders in 1920 and it remains no less pertinent today. I hope that as each of you graduates you will never lose sight of the founding principles of dedication and commitment to the highest standards that you have been taught, because from now on, it is you who will be influencing future generations.'
Jessica Wilson


Awards - South Africa

Master of Arts in Education (Dance Teaching)
Angelika Heald
Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies
Kirsten Brink-O'Connell
Arielle Dos Santos
Monika Estelle du Plooy
Sarah Engelbrecht
Janca Fismer
Carien Fourie
Laura Hodgson-Jervis
Kimberleigh Hurndall
Sue Kirkland
Chandré Lubbe
Charlotte Mitchell
Elanie Nelson
Mari Oberholzer
Amy Rodel
Christine Sirmalenios
Alison Sischy-Smith
Antoinette Swanepoel
Kim Taylor

Aruna Dehaloo-Shah



The annual Friends of the Ballet ?RAD Bursary for Advanced 1 candidates is made possible by an investment of funds donated to the RAD when the former Friends of the Ballet society was disbursed over twenty years ago. The money was invested and each year from the interest which is earned we are able to award R5,000 to a student at Advanced level for further training.

The 2018 bursary took place on Sunday 11th March in the 'Conmee, Frames, Sturman Studio' at RAD national headquarters in Johannesburg.

The competitors were:
Hannah Scott ?Gauteng (Annebelle Wahl & Wilcarina van Niekerk)
Louise Daniel ?Eastern Cape (Troy Coffey)
Kiara Mitchell ?Kwa Zulu Natal (Mary Ann Salvage)
Paige McElligott ?Gauteng (Vanessa Eborall, June Melville & Dorothy de Witt)
Chiara Lloyd ?Gauteng (Lesley Angove & Jayd Swart)
Anneke Claassen ?Eastern Cape (Troy Coffey)
Nehanda Peguillan ?Gauteng (Natasha Ireland)
Sarah Miller ?Gauteng (Karen Beukes)
Tayla de Bie ?Gauteng (Natasha Ireland)

Competitors participated in an open class artistically arranged by Liane Lurie with musical accompaniment by Michael-John Sheehan. They also performed two solos. The 2018 judges were Dianne Finch and Tanja Graafland-Montague.

Congratulations to the 2018 winner Nehanda Peguillan.




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